Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bath and Beyond

Driving through the green English countryside on a perfectly sunny day is absolutely dreamy. Walking through the historic city of Bath, where Jane Austen lived for 5 years and found inspiration for such loved characters as Mark Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett, is even dreamier. I am still reminiscing about the quaint cobblestone streets, ancient Roman Baths, magnificent residential homes of Georgian architecture, and an overpriced tourist trap known as the Jane Austen Centre which greets visitors with a photo of actor Colin Firth (you should already know who that is).

REDpoppy London

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tribeca Film Festival

I'm taking a momentary break from my London diary to bring you a few snapshots from the New York dinner hosted by Chanel in honor of Robert DeNiro's annual Tribeca Film Festival. There was a gaggle of young starlets, dressed head to toe in Chanel, including one of the festival's jurors Mary-Kate Olsen, and redhead actress Debra Messing (although as evidenced by these two ladies, wearing Chanel does not guarantee having a good stylist).

Topshop London Windows

Halston Boots is the Summer Boots

As I was having may daily dose of blog/website reading, I came across the new Halston Boots. Usually, I am not a boot-fan but after I've seen theses knee-high and calf-skimming boots in black, fuchsia suede and metallic bronze colors, suddenly I fell in love with them. I should also mention their gorgeous stiletto heels!

As you can see, these boots are like gladiator sandals. It aims to give you a chic and sleek look while enjoying the summer air with its cute cut outs.

Photo via net-a-porter magazine

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pretty Shops and Kenwood House/Hampstead

I love me a good ol' bright colored shop facade, very European and quaint. I also love me a rare sunny day in London, and today was just that, gorgeous and bright, with blue skies over posh Hampstead and the lush grounds of nearby Hampstead Heath and Kenwood House estates (remember the scene in the movie Notting Hill where Julia Roberts' character was filming a period piece on a gorgeous green heath and Hugh Grant came to see her? Same heath, same house). Along with some very colorful architecture, redheads, and a rare but fascinating sighting of wiry haired director Tim Burton walking briskly along the High Street, it was a perfect London day.

Kenwood House
Director Tim Burton, to the right of the lamp post