Monday, October 25, 2010

Barbie & Me

This past weekend i giggled like an 8-year old as my sisters and I unearthed our old beloved childhood Barbie collections. I'm talking bedecked, bejeweled, 1980's styled Barbies wearing fabulous outfits such as a white and gold jumpsuit, brown knee-high boots paired with a printed yellow and turquoise dress, a fuschia gathered bathing suit and matching ruffled skirt, and one stunning all pink fur-lined ensemble featuring over 20 possible looks! As we rummaged through this enormous pile of Barbie-labeled clothes and tiny matching accessories, I smiled thinking about how each of our Barbie choices as children would so closely reflect our future grown up personalities. For example, as a freckled seven-year old I hated the uber popular Western Barbie's fringed sleeves and white cowboy hat, and instantly fell in love with Hispanic Barbie's twinkling brown eyes and gorgeous brunette beauty. I was also devoted to Angel Face Barbie and her vintage lace/tafetta dress with fabulous pink makeup case in tow. Fashion and makeup? We were destined! And remember when dressing up a pretty doll and combing her long shiny blonde plastic hair for three hours straight was a sweet simple pleasure?...

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