Friday, October 8, 2010

Project Runway Episode 11: Heidi Likes It In The Workroom

Alas and alack this week Project Runway ran out of original subject ideas and decided to use Heidi Klum as the client. It turns out Heidi 'designs' a line of drab looking overpriced activewear for New Balance which is sold on For this challenge each designer had to create a sportswear look for the line which, by the plain and boring looks of it, is quite convenient as Heidi is in dire need of some new interesting design ideas...
Pan to Heidi's invaluable visit to the workroom. Gretchen doesn't like her in the workroom, and quite frankly neither do I. As Heidi goes around critiquing we sample a wee bit of attitude from sweet little Mondo who snarls, rolls his eyes, and snaps back at Heidi when she questions the wearability of his too-cropped hoodie and stiff-necked blouse. In a huff Mondo decides to scrap his original design and barks at Heidi: "Maybe I'll dress my dog in it when I get home." AWKWARD!! Mondo's had an emotional few days...And then it's Gretchen's turn to flare her nostrils and disagree when Heidi criticizes her fabric choice and use of butt shirring on a pair of leggings. That tense encounter ends when Heidi walks off shrieking "Cheers!," and announces that the designers must create two additional looks (even more convenient for her HKNB New Balance line). The next surprise is the entrance of extra work reinforcements in the form of 'Outed' designers Casanova (essssactly), Ivy (ugh not again), Peach, A.J., and Valerie. And then the real drama begins with Doublesidedtapegate when bitchy and bitter Ivy accuses Michael C. of cheating on the Jackie Kennedy challenge.
Please let's just get on with the show!!!
It's Runway time, Heidi is wearing a blue sausage dress and no makeup, and guest judge is sportswear designer Norma Kamali (good choice for once). Tonight I'm going to skip the part where I share all my thoughts on the looks coming down the runway because all I see is one big billowy production of Flashdance. However I do like Mondo's pieces and Andy's clever use of chiffon and jersey in some unflattering sporty swirls. Who's going home this week? Christopher finally! For the last eight weeks he's made clothes which I can barely recall and which have bored me into a coma.
The winner is....Andy, whose sportswear designs have already been produced and featured in Heidi's New Balance line. And we're now just one episode away from Fashion Week and I still have no idea who on earth is going to Lincoln Center besides Mondo...Until next week, Auf Weederzane!!!

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