Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Burberry Pleated Trench

...and the camels keep on coming. I just can't get enough of camel! Putting that aside, I came across this absolutely gorgeous Burberry trench coat that is, as far as I'm concerned, perfect in every single way. The honey colored specimen is double breasted with a pleated skirt, and you know how deeply I love pleats. However you might find yourself thinking any of the following at this very moment:
1. Even the tiniest semblance of hips will throw those elegant pleats into disarray and make them fan out like a perfect honey-hued umbrella.
2. Is there any room for actual clothes under there?
3. Never mind, just add heels. I can wear this alone as a dress!
4. With a $1495 price tag it might very well be the most expensive dress I've owned.
I say just do whatever you need to keep those very practical thoughts from creeping in, because I HAVE TO HAVE THIIIIIIIS!!!!!
Available @ Burberry

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