Wednesday, December 8, 2010


If I'd heeded the advice of almost every single review I've read so far for Burlesque  I would still be sitting here in front of my computer begrudgingly choosing whether or not to see Tangled or Unstoppable instead. Lucky for me I ignored all warnings to the contrary and eagerly sat front and center to watch the stage magic created by Christina Aguilera and an absolutely mesmerizing Cher. Can that legendary woman do any wrong on screen???
Despite the fact that Burlesque was obscenely predictable, that Ms. Aguilera should stick to singing, and the film quality evoked a 1989 made for television movie, it nevertheless filled me with 1 hr and 40 mins of pure entertainment. From the stage splitting powerhouse vocals of a flawlessly made up Ms. Aguilera, riotous burlesque dance numbers which included the talents of DWTS's Julianne Hough, dazzling costumes and glittering makeup, Cher's gorgeous wigs and matching set of cheekbones, to Stanley Tucci's sweetly familiar performance, there was no doubt I felt happiest when I was esconced within the cozy costume rack and multi-stage world of Tess's club. And boy did I never want to leave...
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