Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fashion Drawing In Vogue

Courtesy: Vogue UK

A new book - Fashion Drawing in Vogue, by William Packer - charts the evolution of the art of fashion illustration from 1909 until the present day, featuring drawings by artists from René Gruau and Salvador Dali, to David Hockney, who provides the book's preface.

William Hudson is an artist and former art critic at the Financial Times.

Lilla de Nobili – 1946

Carl Erickson – 1960

Carl Erickson – 1946

Dagmar Freuchen-Gale – 1961

Edouard Benito – 1926

Fashion Drawing in Vogue by William Packer

Mario Simon – 1923

René Bouché – 1961

René Gruau – 1981

Urs Landis -1970

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