Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebrating you!

Alexander McQueen Pre Fall 2011

50 Followers! You guys are the best! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hope I can quench your thirst for world fashion forever and make you as inquisitive about style.


I have bookmarked all your blogs and decided to stop by your page now and then. ;) Amazing how talented you guys are, truly you put me to shame. Like I really do feel honoured and humbled in your company.

Now back to work! Besides Fashion Week Berlin, I have the rest of the Pre Fall shows to cover, the Pitti Uomo Mens shows, and pretty soon the Couture shows from Paris. There are also fall collections from Sydney, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo to look forward to before the circus begins in New York come Feb. So that's going to be 3-4 months of ample fall collections to get through, and guess what? I haven't finished covering all the Spring Summer 2011 collections yet. All in all, I must have presented at least 600 spring shows from all around the world. I wanted to do a post like, the best of the best Spring shows from everywhere, and not just London, Paris, Milan, New York but never got to it. Let's see, maybe in the coming days..

Yes it's easy for everyone to go on the said fashion site and check out all the possible runway show pictures, but my purpose has always been to bring you all the shows from all the main fashion and photo sites in one place! And give you a platter of pictures to see at one go instead of you having to traipse over from slide to slide. Yes it's monotonous, but someone's goto do it right? :) So let's keep the faith readers; send me all your energies so I never tire of covering shows for you and breaking down all the trends while at it.

And if you have done something fantastic lately, or have a great post to share from your blog, do leave the links in the comments section for all to see your fabulous work.

with love and best wishes,

Fashion Inquisitive
aka Laveena :)

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