Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring Couture 2011: Armani Prive

Apparently Couture is alive and well, and thriving in fact (despite the continuous economical storms forecasted across the rest of the world). Haute Couture week drew new breath today in Paris with John Galliano's ladylike showing for Christian Dior which I will write about shortly, however I first need to catch my breath for a minute. My gosh, what on earth has happened to Giorgio Armani?? Well whatever futuristic, metallic, rhinestoney, lurex driven sensibility which has taken over the usually more subdued Armani elegance is absolutely fabulous and I want to see more. It's as if Mr. Armani decided to replace his older, more traditional contact lenses with a brand new prescription, thus taking him a few shiny steps outside his comfort zone...Tres Fabuleux!!!

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